Useful links

EE Times
EE Times editorial mission is to provide engineers and technical managers with timely, relevant news.

Future Fab International
A magazine unifying the design, fab and packaging segments of the semiconductor industry.

SOI Industry Consortium
The SOI Industry Consortium is a group of leading companies from the electronics industry with the mission of accelerating silicon-on insulator (SOI) innovation into broad markets by promoting the benefits of SOI technology and reducing the barriers to adoption.

Solid State Technology
Solid State Technology Magazine covering semiconductor manufacturing, industry news, semiconductor equipment and services guide and more. Topics include mems manufacturing, wafer news, microlithography, wafer fab, integrated circuits, microchips, flat-panel displays, equipment, nanotechnology information, solid state components for chip-making professionals.

The Fogale Group
Based on strong multidisciplinary scientific expertise in capacitive, optical, inductive and ultrasonic metrology, the Fogale Group provide standard and customized solutions adapted to our customer’s specific industrial needs and constraints.