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4See Series РModular Platform for All Surface Inspection : Top, Bottom, Edge

The 4See Series ensures wafer front side, backside and edge quality by detecting, counting, and binning particles and defects during the wafer manufacturing process.


  • Wafer Thinning
  • Substrates Control
  • Micro-bumping
  • Interconnect
  • MEMS


  • Phase Shift Deflectometry
  • Line Scan Confocal Chromatic

The 4See Series is built on a modular approach allowing to combine several modules depending on the customer needs.

LineScan module

  • High depth of focus
  • High resolution
  • Multi line scan

  • Strong topography can be inspected
  • Low sensitivity to bow/warp
  • Passive autofocus by design

Deflector module

  • Nanometer topographical sensitivity with full field of view
  • High Throughput
  • Simultaneous double side inspection


Edge module

  • Full wafer edge surface inspection at high speed
  • Top surface, top bevel, APEX, bottom bevel, Bottom surface
  • Near edge inspection possible

4SeeSeries features an Automatic Defect Classification software that automatically classifies defects on the wafer and generates reports.

Automatic Classification Software (ADC)

A Global Solution for Defect Detection, Analysis, Classification and Review.

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