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TMap Series is a versatile metrology solution.

TMap Series provides highly accurate and repeatable wafer geometry measurements such as thickness, TTV, shape and flatness on mono and multilayer substrates for all kind of materials. TMap Series was designed to enable the easiest and fastest measurement for the user. TMap Series is available in manual, semi-automatic or full automatic configurations for wafers up to 300mm.


  • Advanced Packaging
  • 2.5D interposer & 3D TSV
  • Fan-Out Wafer Level Packaging
  • MEMS


  • Time Domain OCT
  • Visible Full Field OCT
  • Chromatic Confocal
  • Multi-Wavelength Spectroscopy

Examples of measurements

Hole in resist CD (FOWLP)

Die to wafer stacking (TSV)


Bonded wafer (TSV)

TTV on Epoxy Mold Compound rebuilt wafer (FOWLP)

Remaining Silicon Thickness (TSV)

TMap Series is composed of 3 distinct products :


TMAP XP provides a “Swiss army knife” approach to handle challenging metrology requirement by taking advantage of multiple measurement techniques. TMAPS XP is a particularly suitable metrology solution for advanced packaging, wafer thinning, advanced substrates, and MEMS.

TMap Fan-Out

A single metrology tool solution for Fan-Out Wafer Level Packaging from molding process start to interconnect completion. Accurate measurement under extreme warp condition. Full stack thickness measurement in one single step, including PI on mold compound.


A full metrology solution from TSV etch to reveal all the way to 3D stacking. Localization and measurement through the same optics. Best reproducibility results on the market.

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