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NST Series – A Game Changer in Nanotopography

The NST Series is a non contact full field metrology solution based on optical microscopy enabling surface topography measurements at the nano scale. The NST Series is pushing the boundaries of conventional microscopy with performances that stretch beyond contact profilometry and into the AFM space.

Key benefits

  • Cu CMP
  • Hybrid Cu bonding
  • Front-end CMP
  • Front-end etch


  • Phase Shifting Interferometry (PSI)
  • Vertical Scanning Interferometry (VSI)
  • Time domain IR spectroscopy
  • IR microscopy

Examples of measurements

Post CMP Nanotopography and Wafer Edge Roll Off

µbump and PI over RDL

Wafer to wafer bonding overlay



NST Series is composed of 2 distinct products


A versatile, high speed, and high precision sub nanometer non contact full field profilometry solution. Flexible architecture to provide a wide range of profiling metrology measurements. Not sensitive to transparent layer artifacts due to its patented technologies.

  • Nano topography
  • Dishing and erosion
  • CD and step height
  • Roughness
  • Deep trench
  • TTV, Bow, warp

NST Bond

A complete metrology solution for hybrid bonding: Non contact full field profilometry post Cu CMP for dishing and erosion and post Cu to Cu bonding. Allowing high accuracy direct measurements without the need of surface metallization.

  • All NST XP measurements and applications
  • High resolution in and out of the plane overlay

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