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From Fogale Nanotech in 1983 up to now, discover how Unitysc has innovated to sustain semiconductor company  growth from R&D to worldwide full production.


Unitysc  is a leader in advanced process control, and delivers metrology and inspection solutions that support the advancement of the semiconductor industry’s heterogeneous integration roadmap.


Unitysc has the ambition to promote and support talents resulting from the diversity that will sustain the new semiconductor waves.


For each customer project, Unitysc offers a shared detailed project analysis including application, process and hardware.



Automation, Electrification, Digital connectivity and advanced security ! All these trends have one common enabler, advances in semiconductor components. Discover how Unitysc can help Semiconductor vendors to reach the ultimate level 5 of the automotive industry.

High Perf. Computing (HPC) & High Band. Memory (HBM)

AI-driven data analytics is based on real-time data processing on a large scale. Discover how Unitysc  helps the Semiconductor industry in optimizing computing and memory architecture so that large data sets and time-critical data can be more efficiently and securely handled. 

Internet Of Thing

IoT technology in its ultimate form will consist of an ecosystem of securely hyperconnected devices driving the word of tommorow. Discover how Unitysc  helps Semiconductor vendors accelerate the next Internet of Things generation.

AI & Extended Reality

Augmented reality and artificial intelligence are distinct technologies, but together they create unique digital experiences.

Discover how Unitysc  helps the Semiconductor industry move the boundaries of the digital world.

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Press releases

Paul Boudre appointed chairman of UnitySC

UnitySC, a leading provider of metrology and inspection equipment for the semiconductor industry, is delighted to announce the appointment of Paul Boudre, former CEO of Soitec, as chairman of its board of directors. Paul Boudre was the CEO of Soitec [EPA:SOI], a world...



UnitySC rejoint France Deeptech en novembre 2023, la communauté qui rassemble les acteurs de la deeptech pour une réponse entrepreneuriale, collective et scientifique à nos défis contemporains

UnitySC est désormais membre officiel de France Deeptech, une association révolutionnaire lancée officiellement le 29 novembre à la BnF Richelieu, sous le patronage distingué de trois ministres éminents – Sylvie Retailleau, Roland Lescure et Jean-Noël Barrot. Ce...