Accelerating the Next Generation Internet of Things

From connected divices to Human value.






Enabling a smart world

Designing chips for Edge is far different than for the IoT. Driven by the explosion of information, the volume of data generated, transferred and stored is rising day by day,
Each Edge device need to be customized and require fast processing using low power, accuratly enought and reliable overtime. More over, inteligency is brought back at the device level / data source (Smart homes,cities,factories, vehicules etc … )

Discover how Unitysc can help Semiconductors’ R&D department to design Edge computing and devices to sustain the fifth wave of computing.

A Digital transformation

A new wave of hyperconnectivity is fueled thanks to the incoming 5G technology. With major drivers form factor, performances and integration, advanced packaging, and more specifically Fan-Out Wafer Level Packaging (FOWLP) is the way the semiconductor industry faces the challenge.
At UnitySC we developed ad hoc systems to support the R&D phase and secure the process control in HVM  

Discover Unitysc solutions to maximize the yield in High Density Fan Out packaging. Our combination of multiple technologies with a patented optical head to share vision capability with measurement capability is the key to reach best in class performances on metrology characterization of MOLD Compound, passivation TMV.

Cloud computing expansion

Cloud computing gives users access to computing, storage, and networking resources on demand. Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligency, Authentification, Data Analytics and services require  specific chips design. A transformation in the compute/hyperscale value chain is starting with new players entering the chip market.

Discover how Unitysc can help Semiconductors vendor sustaining R&D department to design their specific chip.




Automation, Electrification, Digital connectivity and advanced security ! All these trends have one common enabler, advances in semiconductor components. Discover how Unitysc can help Semiconductor vendors to reach the ultimate level 5 of the automotive industry.


Memory : High Perf. Computing (HPC) & High Band. Memory (HBM)

AI-driven data analytics is based on real-time data processing on a large scale. Discover how Unitysc  help Semiconductor industry in optimizing computing and memory architecture so that large data sets and time-critical data can be more efficiently and securely handled.

AI & Extended Reality

Augmented reality and artificial intelligence are distinct technologies, but together they create unique digital experiences. Discover how Unitysc  help Semiconductor industry moving the boundaries of the digital world.


What’s new

Press releases


Meet UnitySC during SEMICON Korea

Mr Sungtae Kim, our Korean Key Account Director, and his team will be ready to meet you at SEMICON Korea, the key meeting on semiconductor market. Then event will be held from the 5th to the 7th of February 2020, at the Korea World Trade Tower, #4205, 511,...

UnitySC in Munich this week

UnitySC was represented during two important events this week : Our Key Account Managers Mr Yves Budillon, and Mr Gilles Vera have hold a booth during the SEMICON Europa in Munich from the 12th to the 15th of November. They have been joined by our Product Line Manager...