Mobile – Wireless – IoT

A new wave of connectivity is fueled thanks to the incoming 5G technology. With major drivers form factor, performances and integration, advanced packaging, and more specifically Fan-Out Wafer Level Packaging (FOWLP) is the way the semiconductor industry faces the challenge.
At UnitySC we developed ad hoc systems to support the R&D phase and secure the process control in HVM. ATHOS, TMAP, NST series is the well-recognized metrology solution to maximize the yield in High Density Fan Out packaging. The combination of multiple technologies with a patented optical head to share vision capability with measurement capability is the key to reach best in class performances on metrology characterization of MOLD Compound, passivation TMV. The complementary LIGHTiX_AP series for micro/macro all surface inspection and 2D/3D metrology is designed to address multiple applications including RDL down to 2/2 µm L/S  with a roadmap to go down to 0,5/0,5µm .

As well as µbump inspection that are expected in WLFCSP and in FAN-OUT.
The combination of Line-Scan technologies and confocal chromatic techniques allows for 2D & 3D inspection for the frontside of the wafer and 2D for backside and edge. With newly designed illumination optics and proprietary defect classification algorithms, we can detect shorts and opens on RDL and residues on bump top and bond-pads that lead to field failures and remains a major challenge for device makers today.

Automotive electrification

Boosted by a booming of demand for electrified (EV) & hybrid electrified vehicles (HEV),
Power devices, and more particularly IGBD products for automotive and other applications, are becoming the most critical area of development.
UnitySC, since several years is collaborating with major IGBT, GaN, SiC makers to secure the most critical fabrication steps in the manufacturing chain from the frontend down to the advanced packaging area.

More specifically, we focused our efforts to develop non-conventional solutions for the wafer thinning area. In line control of the device thickness and its integrity from defectivity point of view are a must to secure the product functionality and prevent future failures once in use on EV/HEV.
LIGHTsEE series is the well recognize for defectivity control solution thanks to its unique detection technology based on Phase Shift Deflectometry.
ATHOS, TMAP & NST  series that combine complementary technologies and optimized optical design to address all the metrology control in one single control step is the perfect solution to reduce the operational cost for the device maker.

High Performance Computing – Memory – Photonics

High End Performances are a must today to face the need of Data Center, the Cloud and the related High-Speed Network to share data and third part services. To assure the need, Heterogeneous Integration based on 2.5D and/or 3D stacking and vertical electrical interconnections with Through Silicon Vias (TSV) or hybrid bonding was adopted by semiconductor industry and moved in few years from proof of concept to full production in high volume.

With the mission of supporting our customers, at UnitySC we worked to anticipate the process control need of today and tomorrow. With best GR&R for TSV depth in the industry (TMAP series) and dedicated metrology solution to support development and production of devices with Hybrid bonding (NST series) and now the ATHOS , we are the right partner to help into the right solution.