TMAP solutions 



The TMAP-AP  is the complete metrology solution for 3D IC/TSV process control with the best balance between performance, throughput and cost of ownership (CoO).

The TMAP-AP measure multiple layer stacks and differentiate them in the order they are placed. Even under highly warped conditions, the TMAP Series’ state of the art design provides dependable measurement where and when you need it.

Main Applications

Advanced Packaging



2.5D & 3D IC TSV





The TMAP NST is a non contact full field metrology solution based on optical microscopy enabling surface topography measurements at the nano scale.

TMAP NST  is pushing the boundaries of conventional microscopy with performances that stretch beyond contact profilometry and into the AFM space.

Main Applications


Hybrid Bonding : Pre/Post Bonding

Front End CMP

Front End Etch

On/Out of plane Overlay



The LIGHTSpEED is the first unpatterned surface inspection solution that combines darkfield inspection and advanced Synchronous Doppler Detection Technology to capture nanometer scale defects on all kind of wafers.

As a part of the modular LIGHTsEE series from UnitySC the LIGHTSpEED can be used as a stand-alone tool or as part of a cluster in combination with other UnitySC technologies such as Phase Shift Deflectometry or brightfield confocal chromatic 2D inspection.

Main Applications


Process Monitoring

Specialty Substrate

Advanced Packaging




The LIGHTsEE, Combo PSD/iEDGE is the leading solution for Power applications to reveal latent defects. It allows to detect sliplines, cristalographic defects as well as particles and contamination.

It also integrates a highly sensitive edge inspection can inspect standard, thin and Taiko wafers. This Combo is a unique solution for Slip lines and nanometer scale defect detection  without contact, allowing simultaneous double side inspection.

Main Applications

Epi Inspection

Advanced Packaging

Wafer Thinning

Wafer Maker

Power / IGBT

AOI – Automated Optical Inspection  solutions



ODIN is a fully automated high-resolution AOI tool for the optical inspection of patterned and non-patterned wafers, their edges and back sides. All these features are seamlessly integrated in one single platform. Advanced 2D- and 3D metrology options for CD, OVL, VIA and film thickness and additional modules for super-fast macro scans (WOTAN) and edge inspection (THOR) enable true all-side wafer inspection and characterization.

Another key feature of this platform is the combined high throughput and high sensitivity, which is unique for automated macro inspection systems on the marketAny defect found can be captured in parallel and in the same run with the help of a built-in high-end microscope with Optics by Carl Zeiss.

Main Applications

True Color Imaging Technology

3D CCS Bump Measurement

Advanced Automasking

Integrated High resolution review µscopy

Probe Mark Inspection

Integrated Metrology for CD/OVL


WOTAN is a fully automated, recipe-free, high-speed AOI tool for simultaneous front and back side inspection. It automatically detects macroscopic defects based on a wafer-to-wafer comparison. Key application is high throughput process monitoring and tool control . Easy-to-read instant result display options allow short correction cycles.

WOTAN is available stand-alone and in combination with edge inspection modules (THOR).

Main Applications

BS Roughness Monitoring

Wafer Signature Detection

Litho Defocus & Tilt Detection

Color Variation Detection

Automated Scribe Line Masking



THOR is a fully automated, high-speed, high sensitivity AOI tool for edge inspection in all five zones. The built-in edge bead removal (EBR) metrology option allows for precise process monitoring and tool control.

THOR can be incorporated as a module into ODIN and WOTAN platforms to enable true all-side wafer inspection and characterization.


Main Applications


Overprinted Edge Inspection

Advanced Defect Binning (ADB)

Wafer Maker

Bonding 3D Packaging

All Edge Zones


Axiospect is a versatile tool family for automatic and manual optical inspection, review and metrology. It’s flexibility comprises vacuum and edge grip wafer handling, optional macro and edge inspection modules as well as metrology options for CD, OVL and film thickness.

Axiospect is the optimal complement to any optical defect inspection system for its automatic defect review ability based on KLARF. The wide range of available optical imaging techniques make it a universal tool for in-line defect engineering. It seamlessly integrates into wafer fab automation and comprises Optics by Carl Zeiss.

Main Applications

Macro Defect Documentation (DEDO)

360° Tilt & Wobble Macro


FS/BS µScopy

Film Thickness



Internet Of Thing

IoT technology in its ultimate form will consist of an ecosystem of securely hyperconnected devices driving the word of tommorow. Discover how Unitysc  helps semiconductor vendors accelerating the next IoT generation.


High Perf. Computing (HPC) & High Band. Memory (HBM)

AI-driven data analytics is based on real-time data processing on a large scale. Discover how Unitysc  helps Semiconductor industry in optimizing computing and memory architecture so that large data sets and time-critical data can be more efficiently and securely handled.


Automation, Electrification, Digital connectivity and advanced security ! All these trends have one common enabler, advances in semiconductor components. Discover how Unitysc can help Semiconductor vendors to reach the ultimate level 5 of the automotive industry.

AI & Extended Reality

Augmented reality and artificial intelligence are distinct technologies, but together they create unique digital experiences. Discover how Unitysc  helps the Semiconductor industry move the boundaries of the digital world.


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Press releases

Paul Boudre appointed chairman of UnitySC

UnitySC, a leading provider of metrology and inspection equipment for the semiconductor industry, is delighted to announce the appointment of Paul Boudre, former CEO of Soitec, as chairman of its board of directors. Paul Boudre was the CEO of Soitec [EPA:SOI], a world...



UnitySC rejoint France Deeptech en novembre 2023, la communauté qui rassemble les acteurs de la deeptech pour une réponse entrepreneuriale, collective et scientifique à nos défis contemporains

UnitySC est désormais membre officiel de France Deeptech, une association révolutionnaire lancée officiellement le 29 novembre à la BnF Richelieu, sous le patronage distingué de trois ministres éminents – Sylvie Retailleau, Roland Lescure et Jean-Noël Barrot. Ce...