LightiX is a fully automated high-resolution AOI Tool. Modular Inspections for patterned and non-patterned wafers.

Front, Back & Edges  Inspection with comprehensive 2D and 3D metrology options.

Key Features

• Next generation macro inspection system (AOI).
• All-side wafer inspection: Front, back and edge inspection.
• 100% defect images without throughput impact.
• Integrated high-end microscope review.
• True Color Inspection (TCI) technology.
• Advanced CD, 2D/3D, OVL and EBR metrology.
• Automatic defect classification
• Best in class cost of ownership for high resolution AOI
• High-speed patterned wafer inspection
• High defect sensitivity
• ISO Class 1 certified
• Tool – to – tool matching 


High Sensitivity Dark Field Surface Inspection can be used also  for any Material composition such as opaque transparent Wafers

Key Features

• High throughput
• Nanometer scale sensitivity
• Autofocus
• Full haze characterization
• Multisize capability
• Pits / Particle distinction
• High lifetime / low CoO solid state laser
• Advanced Automatic Defect Classification

Edge and Backside Inspection with best in class COO.

Key Features

• Best in class throughput
• High surface sentivity
• Full haze characterization
• High lifetime / low CoO solid state laser
• Advanced Automatic Defect Classification

Front and Back Side Topography Defect Detection at Nanometer Range combined with high depth of focus edge inspection solution.


Key Features

  • High throughput
  • Nanometer range vertical sensitivity
  • Simultaneous double side inspection
  • Nanotopography and Topography measurement
  • Detection of Slip lines, particles, Hairline cracks, SOI voids, Comets, EPI defects…
  • Compliant with thin or thick wafers, taiko wafers, highly warped wafers

High Speed Five Zone Edge Inspection & Metrology.

Key Features

• Water edge defectivity and EBR measurements
• Available at all edge zones in one scan
• Ideal companion to upgrade Wotan
• High speed
• High sensitivity

Fast Macro Inspection with best in Class COO.


Key Features

  • Defect scanner for wafer front and backside
  • Outstanding throughput allows up to 100% wafer sampling rates
  • Ideally used for OQA and excursion control