For advanced packaging and MEMS

Key Features

Measurement capabilities:
• Thickness measurement range from nanometers to millimeters of stacks transparent to VIS/NIR
• Dual-distance mode to measure opaque layers and/or mix of transparent/opaque stacks
• Wafer bow. warp. TTV
• VIA depth & top/bottom CD
• Trench depth / Height. CD. side slope of STEPs & RDL
• Nails/bump. RDL. UBM height/coplanarity & CD
• Edge trim metrology
• Nano-Scale Topography (roughness) & surface profiling
• Stress. Air gap measurement. RST for Nail reveal
• Overlay and lateral critical dimensions
• Defect Inspection at surface & at bonding interface by NIR Microscopy with Reflection/Transmission

For hybrid bonding

Key Features

• Fast and high throughput in-line metrology solution
• Area scan with vertical resolution down to 0.1nm in a single measurement
• Material segmentation on transparent layers – Patented
• Unique capabilities for Cu to Cu hybrid bonding