Grenoble, France (November 8, 2018)— UnitySC European leader and a key player in inspection and metrology solutions, today launched the Unity_LIGHTiX ™ system for micro/macro all surface inspection and 2D/3D metrology. This new inspection and metrology system has been designed to address multiple applications including redistribution layers (RDL) down to 2/2 µm line/space, as well as µbump inspection that are expected in wafer-level chip scale packages (WLCSP) and fan-out wafer level packages (FOWLP).

The system also enables high throughput as a solution for high volume manufacturing (HVM), in comparison with the solutions on the market today. Unity_LIGHTiX solution can also support the control of manufacturing processes at OSATs, foundry, and IDMs.

Detecting shorts and opens on RDL and residues on bump top and bond-pads that lead to field failures remains a major challenge or device makers today. The Unity_LIGHTiX system leverages expertise from recent acquisitions that are now fully integrated into UnitySC to secure the best process control for the HVM environment. The system can be configured to inspect wafers up to 300mm, including thin wafers, reconstructed wafers, and wafers mounted on dicing frames.

The combination of line-scan technologies and confocal chromatic techniques allows for 2D and 3D inspection for the front side of the wafer and 2D for backside and edge. With newly designed illumination optics and proprietary defect classification algorithms, Unity_LIGHTiX system eliminates false defects generated from the metal grains on RDL and bumps and enhances the defect detection of true defects of interest.

“We are proud at UnitySC to announce the release of the newly designed process control solution and our leadership in this market segment. This new product will contribute significantly to position UnitySC as the market leader of customer-oriented solutions for the advanced packaging arena and a partner to secure challenging manufacturing processes” said CEO of Unity SC Kamel Ait-Mahiout.