From Fogale Nanotech in 1983 up to now


Fogale Nanotech was created and launched Semiconductor Business Unit.


Fogale Nanotech creates its Semiconductor BU, dedicated to Metrology.


Nanotech Solution, subsidiary of Fogale, acquires Altatech from Soitec, a company specialized in the technology of wafer inspection.

Altatech becomes Unity Semiconductor SAS, designed to carry the semiconductor business of Fogale Group.

The company is now able to deliver full process control tools and software of advanced Semiconductor manufacturers.


Acquisition by Unity Semiconductor SAS of the commercial branch of Austin (USA).

Disposal of the activity Deposition, lastly carried by Unity Semiconductoor SAS to the benefit of Kobus.


Acquisition of HSEB, including HQ and commercial branch, respectively located in Germany and Singapore.

HSEB is a company dedicated to optical inspection, review and metrology for Semiconductor application.

Opening of Unity SC’s third commercial branch in Taiwan.